Restaurant in Murano

Our desire to offer our clients the traditional Venetian cuisine, modernised to a contemporary taste and made of simple sea and land ingredients of the Venetian lagoon, has led us to create dishes with a genuine taste and generous in the portions; all served in a unique environment: an ancient furnace for the processing of glass. This was refurbished respecting the architectural traditions and transformed into a forge of food, hospitality and sharing.

antipasto pesce versus meridianem
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The spaces

The spaces of the Versus Meridianem restaurant are designed for couples, for dining alone or with friends, as you prefer. We like the old saying ‘più siamo meglio è’, which means ‘the more the better’ and in fact we have enough space and tables to accommodate everyone. We also like the idea that you celebrate with us the most important moments of your life, your wedding, your anniversaries, your children’s birthdays. And if you are a professional looking for the right place for a glamorous party, a party with a DJ set or a theme night, we will welcome you with open arms.

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ristorante dettaglio
ristorante dettaglio

Renato, Erika and Andrea: our managers

We would be delighted to meet you! If you want to meet us though, please do not come in the morning. At that time of the day we are at the Rialto fish counter, at the ‘banco Vio’, to choose and order our fresh fish; after that we buy fresh seasonal vegetables from the Venetian lagoon islands, which always inspire us to create new recipes and then we later on arrive at Versus Meridianem. Once a week we are always travelling around the Veneto region, to visit small producers of wine and beer, to find vintage wine jewellery and delicacies that we then taste with you, at the tables of the restaurant. The best time for you to come at Versus Meridianem is in the evening and we will tell you in person how our passion for food was born!

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Our success is the one of a team and every element of our team does not only add up but multiplies the potential of others.
As a result our competence, professionalism and cordiality are wildly amplified just to serve you.



Live your experience among the Venetian flavours in Murano. We have plenty of space, but we recommend reserving your table.